Decode Fast & Furious 8's Unprecedented Box Office Records

Posted 04/18/2017 4805 0

The eighth film in the action thriller franchise took an estimated $532.5m (£424.7m) globally over Easter weekend. The figure makes it the strongest worldwide debut ever, marginally overtaking the $529m (£421.8m) taken by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Have you wondered why it has been happening?


1. The Franchise’s Universal Appeal

Rhianna Dhillon, film critic and host of BBC Radio 4's Seriously... podcast, said the success of the Fast & Furious franchise is down to its "universal appeal".

"They're films people of all ages can enjoy, because they have that pure, unadulterated escapism about them, children and adults alike are quite happy to watch things get blown up and smashed up," she said.


2. Great Marketing

Throughout the promotion of Fast & Furious 8 on social networks, Universal focuses on the details of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) betraying his team to serve the beautiful villain Cipher (Charlize Theron). This is the bottom line that makes the audience super eager to learn more. And one thing to remember, the movie first trailer attracted 139 millions in just 24 hours.


3. Paul Walker's Death

Furious 7 served as a memorial of sorts to Paul Walker, the franchise star whose 2013 death in a car accident shattered his co-stars and many fans. His tragic death of Paul Walker was one of the reasons people rushed to the cinemas to pay tribute to the ill-fated actor. In Fast 8, the character Walker portrayed is obviously missing and we are curious to know how the filmmakers deal with his disappearance. And in the end, the Paul Walker's references do satisfy them.


4. Vin Diesel and The Rock's Feud

Many might think this feud is only some PR tricks but it seems like the beef between the two muscular actors does exist! The Rock criticized Vin Diesel on Instagram for his unprofessional attitude. As a result, in Fast & Furious 8, the two stars were rarely in the same scene. During the movie's promotion, they almost never appeared together. And the latest rumor revealed that the after-credits scene of The Rock and Jason Statham made Vin Diesel unhappy and later was requested to cut. Anyway, the story really makes the audience more eagerly awaiting the blockbuster.


5. Not Much Competience at the Box Office

Probally studios were too concerned about the release of Fast 8 to go head to head, so during and after a week's release, it has no direct competitors. Now the film only has to compete with Going in Style, The Boss Baby and Smurfs: The Lost Village. Beauty and the Beast has earned $1 billion while Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is not released till 5/5.


6. China

The China opening alone brought in a record $190 million followed by $17.8 million from Mexico and $17 million from the UK and Ireland.